What is the COP ?

The COP stands for the "Conference of the Parties." It is the supreme decision-making body of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), opened for signature in 1992 during the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro and later entered into force in 1994. Through this instrument, the United Nations has equipped itself with an action framework to fight global warming.
After its entry into force in 1994, the UNFCCC Secretariat was established in Geneva. It was then relocated to Bonn in 1995 following the “First Conference of the Parties” (COP1) in Berlin. Since then, there have been twenty-one COPs, with the most recent one organized in Paris this past December. The next one, COP22 is scheduled to take place in Marrakech, Morocco from November 7 to 18, 2016
Source : cop22.ma
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Cop22 Agenda lists all international events related to the COP22 conference (United nations conference on climate change), to be held in Marrakech (in November 2016), the information is listed in a simple, lightweight and ergonomic.

cop22 Agenda

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The events are ordered by distance from your location to the location of events. the overview of events shows multiple relevant information including: title, description, date, GPS coordinates of the location of the event, the event web site.

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All listed event are located on a map to facilitate access. To avoid any change in the location at the last minute, it is advisable to contact the organizers of the event whose details and WebSite are displayed in the detail section.

cop22 Agenda

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This application is NOT the official app of the cop22 committee, all the listed information is retrieved from official event website (cop22.ma) and other visible support points on each event.
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